Snapper Bonanza 2022 Contest dates are 8th - 12th March 2022

$30,000 Overall Heaviest Weight Snapper

$10,000 Overall Average Weight Snapper

Plus Massive Spot Prizes

8th - 12th MARCH 2022

Ngai Takoto Snapper Bonanza is arguably one of the worlds largest surf casting fishing competitions.

The Far North's Iconic Event

A must do for the surfcasting enthusiast or the social angler.

About The Competition

The Ngai Takoto 90 Mile Beach Snapper Bonanza is arguably the biggest Snapper Surf Casting Competition in the world, a one species fishing competition which runs for 5 days in March on the famous Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē (90 Mile Beach), Northland New Zealand. The cash prize pool exceeds $72,000.00, of course the biggest cash offering goes to the largest snapper of the week a whopping $30,000.00. However don’t think it’s all about size as $10,000.00 is up for grabs for the angler that catches a snapper closest to the average weight of all the fish caught in the competition. The event will still cater for the unlucky angler that doesn’t catch a fish as the lucky draw spot prizes exceed $100,000.00 which includes a $50,000.00 4x4 Ute (RRP). 2018 and 2019 were sell-out’s which attracted 1000 anglers, it is estimated that at each prize giving there is a total crowd attendance of between 1500 and 3000 people enjoying the entertainment.

Snapper Bonanza Event

Darin Maxwell, Te Puke, Heaviest Snapper Record Holder Heaviest snapper record in competition history winner Darin Maxwell from Te Puke with 12.030kg landed Wednesday February 29th, 2012

All poised to give more prizes away in 2021, your organisers Dave and John.

A brief history leading up to the creation of the Snapper Bonanza.

In 1982 the Brijevich family started the competition then called the Snapper Classic they were the owners of The Park -a camping ground just down the road from the current prize giving site. The competition evolved over the next 27 years into a community project that benefited the many local businesses supplying services, supplies, equipment etc. to the many contestants and their entourages. The local economy received a much needed boost and everyone was happy. In 2006 the competition was sold, the new owners ran it in much the same way as the previous owner, but ran into financial difficulties after the 2009 event. So in 2010 the competition was cancelled. However the 90 Mile Beach Surf Casting Club ran an event for those hardy souls who came North anyway. In 2011 the 90 Mile Beach Snapper Bonanza was born, with local businessmen John Stewart and Dave Collard combining their talents to facilitate this Far North iconic event. The bonanza brand has developed into a very strong marketable label and we hope it’s here to stay however without the support of our sponsors the event is not viable, as organisers we urge our anglers and supporters to climb on board and trade with our sponsors as much as possible. Tight Lines John & Dave

Some Of The Prizes Up For Grabs


Heaviest Snapper Overall & Champions Trophy


Average Weight Snapper Overall

Massive Spot Prizes Snapper Bonanza Triton

Massive Spot Prizes

Including a Mitsubishi Triton, Haze Real Estate Yamaha YFZ50RM Quad Bike and a Liquor King Oaklahoma Joe’s Smoker

Don't miss out on arguably the largest surf casting event in the world

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Hey Team, we have a very special message from the whanau of our angler that sadly passed away this year at the comp.

Tony's lovely wife Raewyn has asked us to share her words below xx


On the 16th March 2021, mine and our children's lives were turned upside down with the sudden loss of Tony (Antz) Walters at the beginning of the comp!

The Leonard-Walters Whanau want to acknowledge and greatly appreciate the efforts of the Far North Surf Lifesaving Club, St Johns as well as all other anglers nearby that did all they could to help.

Thank you so much.

We would also like to thank the organisers of the Snapper Bonanza for the generous Koha of snapper. We were overwhelmed with the Koha given from the Auction held.
Such amazing kindness from entrants donating their prizes was just unbelievable and so appreciated.

Thank you all so much again to everyone. xx
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Awesome support Snapper Bonanza at a time the whanau would have most needed... Shows the community spirit ❤

Aroha to your whanau ,condolences from hawkes bay.

Who is Tony last name

Write up today’s The Northland Age 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less
Write up today’s The Northland Age :)

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So now I just wait for another 3 weeks to see if I’ll get a ticket as I couldn’t get over to fish this year due to cv19!let’s hope I can get a ticket!

You beudy man greg and ang are thrilled 4 ya...couldnt happen to a nicer bloke...yeehaa

That's good, nice to see the change

Greg here vdid i read that right graham won a 4wd truck at 90 last year.

Always good to look after the regulars tho a.

Ow good thats only fair

Graeme Newlands Sandra Newlands epic photo!!

Famous Sandra Newlands !

Awesome least we can all get a chance to enter, abit like good camping spots there always full a year or in advance 🤣 hopefully get a ticket Colin MacDonald

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Ready guys, head to to purchase ... See MoreSee Less

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Dwayne Beckett Gavin Beckett Zane Beckett

Koha ✌️


Leroy Senio

William Jacob Hodgson

What am I doing wrong it won't let me go past register now?

All done. Took a few tries to connect.👍

Kia ora Snapper Bonanza - could you please confirm.... you're only able to purchase a ticket if you fished last year?

All done bring it on

I thought we couldn't purchase until 01 July?

Already done and got James Ticket Thanks.

All done ... bring it 2022🎣🎣

James Bond has his license to kill (hopefully) 007 ready for 2022

Done. See you there 👍

Graham Wiggins Karl Alker if your keen have to be in quick to nab a ticket 1st July we can buy

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Reminder tickets onsale tomorrow 9am for those who fished this years 2021 comp.

This does not include if you had a sponsor or voucher ticket (you must wait for July 1st)

Unfortunately this is the last year we can offer you the chance to purchase your existing number.

1: Imagine this?... You are a regular at the Bonanza and you can't make it for a family reason, Why should you have less chance than anyone else at purchasing a ticket the following year? Possibly not ever getting back in.

2: We need people to attend, more and more anglers are purchasing their numbers yet they are not attending the event, they are not worried about the purchase price they just want to keep their numbers.

3: We cannot have a closed off event where the same 1000 anglers have the right to re purchase the following year.

4: Issuing numbers to names is an admin nightmare. It was manageable when we had only 300 tickets return each year, now there is just too much demand.

For the 2023 contest all 1000 tickets will go on sale at the same time 9am July first 2022.

We will be selling ticket numbers from 1001 - 2000 so that your old numbers will not be issued or called out on stage.

The numbers will be randomly issued when you purchase online.

We don't make these decisions lightly, we know some of you will be disappointed, however it is a change that has to happen.
Please respect our decision as we continue to deliver the best and biggest surfcasting comp in the world.
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Each year Could just place those ticket numbers that were not fished back into the public pool.

Joe Herbert

Luke Boyes

Te Bow

Kori Yates

2023 Aaliyah Adams 🤙

Jeff Popata Billy Job

Hayden Mitchell Kerry Mitchell Stephen Mitchell June Morunga 😕

Raewyn Leonard

Tyler Murray

I think most people miss out because they wait till the 11th hour. So I can't see it being that difficult to get a ticket when they open up. The same people who usually miss out will still miss out..... and still moan. I don't care much for holding a number, and being able to purchase 4 in one go is a good idea, at least that way your team ether gets a ticket or it doesn't. That's the only reason I attend, otherwise it's just another comp. Cool bananas 🍌 team, see yas in 2022 🤙

What are your safe guards for ticket scalping?? Secondly- why not increase the number of tickets available, extend the fishing areas to accomodate these #s, add a few more prizes so people dont miss out? Just a thought🎣

Just wondering will the tickets for 2023 be singular, or can we purchase for a group of four(the team) or even for just me and my wife...?🤔

Shame tickets arent available for sale at contests end for the next comp. Wonder if the decision will be at detriment to the contest going forwards( hopefully not) as it is those who consistently purchase tickets every year that have bought this contest back to its former glory . I'll be purchasing mine tomorrow campaign #16

I am probably as nervous as any regular entrant ( not missed a comp since ‘87) that I could now face the prospect of missing a ticket in 2023.Fortunately this year is sorted. Change is always scary I guess but cannot help but worry that if the first 100 online buy their limit of 10 tickets each an “older computer user” like me could be left in the queue. Anyway I have faith the organising crew will have a plan for any potential scalpers. Bring on ‘22!

cool. i havnt been able to get a ticket for five years. might have a chance now.

Sweet baby Jesus, I’m getting excited already!

I see there's a number of disappointed staunch Bonanza supporters in respect of this decision and understandably so. I hear what you're saying but I can also understand it from the organisers side too. It was probably easy enough to manage holding numbers when there was only 300 or so regulars to keep happy but now the numbers are crazy. I was surprised to hear how many fishos are buying tickets just to keep their number and not turning up. (Obviously earn more money than I do!) Sure, it increases the odds for us that attend hitting the stage but not good for the comp at all. Also heaps of ticket transferring going on and becoming a logistical nightmare for staff. I totally agree that the commitment of the hard core supporters has kept the comp going but I also reckon a big part of the comp's success is that the committee have always consulted and listened to what the fishos want over the years. I understand that this has been a tough decision for them and it's not for a monetary gain. It's about reducing stress for. the team, giving them more family time and creating a fair playing field. Unfortunately they'll never please everyone but we need to respect their decision. Yeah I'd like to keep my 20 year old number too but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. And we'll just have to up our game a little to make sure we get a ticket. Just like getting up at sparrow's fart to catch that moocher. Anyway, my 2 cents worth. #173 signing out.

Phillip Sauer

Shame the few have ruined it for the many.

Damn it James Bond cant get 007 any more lol

Yah!! I stand a chance!

Sam 🙂

Awesome stuff.. guess ile be waiting until July.. hopefully there's tickets left

Obviously u knw the numbers or people doing it just sell there tickets 🤔🤔🤔

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** 2022 TICKETS**

Hi all
A reminder on the purchase of next years tickets (2022 comp)

Every year people miss out so if there is any friends or family member you know that isnt on facebook, please let them know about this post.

If you fished this year (2021)
Your tickets go on sale 9am Tuesday June 1st.
You have 1 month to secure your same number.
* This does not apply if you had a sponsored ticket.

Tickets are open to the general public and those who had a sponsored ticket from 9am 1st July.

I will post an update closer to this time.
Early Bird runs from 1st of June to 30th September 2021

We will not be mailing your ticket out, you will recieve an email confirmation and once the admin girls have processed your ticket they will email through a digital ticket.
So make sure your email address you enter is accurate.

You can either print this digital ticket out at home or show us on your phone at registration when you collect your ID tag.

You will be able to grab your bumper stickers at the comp.
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1st July birthday....I know what I want!

Derek Jensen

Stu Heslop

Amy Greaves Justin Pope

Rachel Atkinson

Why aren’t all the tickets available to the public? The way you sell them means the same people turn up every year. So it’s basically a 90 mile fishing club .... closed comp just about?

Connor Murray

Simon Kaneko Marty Benson

Dave Jenkins

Chevez Hughes-Tafunai

Piripi Parangi

Zane Kalaz Rau what you recon lol

Hi how much are tickets. Looking at 6 or 7

Seta TL Loffley

Pania Joanne Cooper

Dylan Daz Anderson Stazr WestWard Harley Anderson

Tracey Hawkins


Sorry just had to have a chuckle to myself at the misspelling of accurate. The irony 😂😂

Takarei Flavell

Can't wait ... Bring on 2022 🎣

Matt Brown

So 1st July is when general public can purchase a ticket right?

Levi Magee🎣🎣

Rosie Conrad Mala Ukufia

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Hall of Fame

Dickson Hohaia,
South Taranaki

2021 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2021 – 9.060kg.

Grant Thompson, Auckland

2020 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2020 – 8.285kg.

Dave Rameka, Kaitaia

2019 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2019 – 7.905kg.

Grant Dodunski, Te Puke

2018 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2018 – 8.945kg.

Chris Spurr, Gisborne

2017 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2017 – 6.175kg.

James Benge, Hastings

2016 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2016 – 8.165kg.

Troy Notton, Kamo

2015 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2015 – 8.315kg.

Neil Sides, Kaitaia

2014 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2014 – 9.995kg.

Jeremy Alai, Auckland

2013 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2014 – 9.91kg.

Darin Maxwell, Te Puke

2012 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2012 and new record holder – 12.030kg

Luke Boyes, Christchurch

2011 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2011 – 8.89kg

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